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Grace Paley: Collected Shorts
A Film by Lilly Rivlin -- Trailer

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"So good is this new work -- so immediate, enthralling, moving and funny -- that it will probably create a bunch of new Paley fans... Every moment in the film is alive and rich -- just like Grace... If the movie is a paean to Paley well -- goddamn -- the woman deserves it."
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 Starz Denver Film Festival,
November 2-14, 2010

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival,
December 4-10, 2010

Washington, D.C. Jewish Film Festival,
December,4- 2010

New York Jewish Film Festival, at Walter Reade,
Lincoln Center mid-January, 2011

SCREENINGS: Where Grace is going

San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
World Premiere
July 25, 2010, Castro Theater
August 1, 2010, Roda Theater in Berkeley

Woodstock Film Festival
East Coast Premiere
Friday, October 1, 2010, Woodstock, NY
Saturday, October 2, 2010, Rhinebeck, NY

Starz Denver Film Festival
November 2-14, 2010

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival
December 4-10, 2010

Washington Jewish Film Festival
December 5, 2010 at 11 a.m.

New York Jewish Film Festival
Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, NYC
Mid-January, 2011

The Secret of the film “Grace Paley”
Deborah Medenbach | Published: September 21, 2010



East Coast Premiere @ The Woodstock Film Festival
1st & 2nd of October 2010

Grace Paley: Collected Shorts
Directed by
Lilly Rivlin

USA / 2009 / 74 minutes

East Coast Premiere


Center for Jewish History

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Center for Jewish History 6.30pm

Remembering Grace Paley:
A panel discussion, with excerpts from Lilly Rivlin's new film, Grace Paley: Collected Shorts

Discussion and Film Excerpts
Grace Paley combined a life as a master short story writer, often compared to Chekhov, with political activism, motherhood, teaching and being a cherished friend. Ranked among the great writers of her generation by peers like Philip Roth, Paley's work has been translated into 92 languages. New York's first official state author and poet laureate of Vermont, her most important work was filtered through her passion for social justice and her love of humanity. Join filmmaker Lilly Rivlin; Claudia Dreifus, prize-winning New York Times journalist and science writer; Vivian Gornick, writer and critic; Marianne Hirsch, Professor of English, Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, Columbia University; and Vera B. Williams, illustrator and writer--friends, colleagues and observers of Grace and her work--for an evening of stories and reflections mixed with excerpts from Rivlin's newly-released documentary Grace Paley: Collected Shorts.

Presented by CJH, co-sponsored by Jewish Women's Archive.

Read all about the evening. . .

The Big Life of a Small Woman
by Maya Klausner  |  September 23, 2010

Tearful laughter, raunchy story telling, and punchy witticisms are not the typical ingredients one expects to find in a tribute to a late literary legend. Then again, Grace Paley and ‘typical’ never met. . .

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